Age, season and boredom may lead to infidelity


Age, season and boredom may lead to infidelity

Infidelity is one reason why people divorce. A recent study shows that people are most likely to cheat when they are around 39 years old. While the study was an informal study and it wasn’t one that was peer reviewed, the age makes sense according to one expert in the field.

The psychotherapist, who is also a relationship expert, notes that 40 is a big milestone for people. She says that that is kind of an age of reflection for many people. Around this time, people are more likely to be more impulsive and possibly reckless.

The study makes it appear as though ages ending in the digit 9 are more likely to be associated with infidelity. After 39, the next two most common ages to cheat were 49 and then 29. This is the case for men and women, who seem to act out when they are embarking upon a new decade of life. Even with this as a consideration, infidelity might lead to the end of a marriage.

When it comes to cheating, age isn’t the only thing that seems to be a factor. Boredom in the bedroom and the season seem to also have an impact on infidelity. The summer months are more likely to be associated with having a wandering eye. This could be due in part to people being more socially active around new people during the summer months.

While none of this information is an excuse to cheat, it does show some trends to watch out for if you think that your spouse is cheating. If you do find that infidelity is an issue in your marriage, you might decide to file for a divorce to end the marriage.


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