Facebook activity could affect property division in divorce

The process of discovery — gathering information from the other party for use at trial — in divorce cases has been made much easier by social media. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace provide easily accessible information that lawyers in Ontario and elsewhere might not have found previously by using traditional means of discovery. […]
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Discussing finances before the wedding may avoid divorce later

Once an Ontario couple is engaged, the focus will likely be on planning a dream wedding. However, considering the fact that financial disputes lead to divorce in many marriages, attending to the unromantic stuff before the wedding might not be a bad idea. Understanding the financial background and money philosophy of each other may be […]
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Rushing into divorce can cause emotional and financial ruin

Ending a marriage is known to be a traumatic experience — not only emotionally but also financially. Ontario residents who consider untying the knot may want to note a few costly mistakes made by many people. Just like marriage, divorce may be one of the most significant steps a person can take. If not navigated […]
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What happens to frequent flyer miles in a divorce?

Credit card debt is often a significant concern for Ontario couples who are considering to end their marriages. If the couple never addressed this in a prenuptial agreement, it could cause contention in a divorce. A couple may agree to divide credit card debt equally, or a court may decide who must pay which card. […]
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Divorce: Disagreements about money are often insurmountable

Money is frequently cited as the cause of many couples in Ontario deciding to go their separate ways. Financial advisors say that clear communication about finances can prevent divorce, regardless of whether a couple chooses to invest, save or spend their money. Every person has different ideas about the handling of personal funds, and when […]
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A divorce can cause financial and emotional turmoil

It is sad but true that a significant percentage of marriages in Ontario and other provinces do not last a lifetime. This is typically a transition that is a considerable challenge, even if the divorce is uncontested. While many divorcing couples remain able to communicate and negotiate contested issues, thorny financial and emotional issues will […]
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What should you do after divorce to recover?

If you have gone through a divorce, you realize that getting your life back on track is easier said than done. There are many challenges staring you in the face, some of which may appear too much to handle. Even so, as long as you move forward one step at a time, you’ll find yourself […]
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Can your marriage make you sick?

There is no doubt that stress is hazardous to a person’s health. But when the stress comes from an unhappy marriage, can it literally make one sick? Turns out that it might, as one study done in 2005 indicated that remaining in a rocky marriage can worsen certain health conditions. A separate study found that […]
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Divorce circumstances can dictate decisions that must be made

Having to go through a divorce isn’t a fun event. Even when you are the one who was ready to call it quits, the reality that you are going to end your marriage and divide your assets can be difficult to cope with. On top of the life-changing events that you are having to deal […]
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Study finds seasonal peaks in divorce filings

A recent study by an American sociology professor and a doctoral candidate shed new light on when divorce filings are most common. According to the authors from the University of Washington, who presented their findings to the Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association in Washington, March and August are the months with the highest […]
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