Consider each point in your divorce settlement carefully


Consider each point in your divorce settlement carefully

In our previous blog post, we discussed how pornography can have negative effects on your marriage. If you have decided that your marriage is over because of pornography, you might be ready to file for a divorce. This is a big step since it will end your marriage and give you a fresh start as a single person.

We know that making the decision to file for divorce isn’t something that most people take lightly. You should make sure that you understand the process of divorcing your spouse in Ontario so that you are prepared to deal with what is to come.

There are several points that you might have to consider when you divorce. If you have children, child custody and child support are going to come up. If possible, you and your ex can work together to decide the child custody matters. The court will likely decide on the child support issues.

Property division is necessary if you and your ex have assets or liabilities together. These must all be divided. Again, if the two of you can work together, you might be able to work out the property division settlement without the court’s intervention. Make sure that you aren’t getting stuck with a bunch of liabilities and no assets during the process.

Other issues, such as spousal support, might be necessary in some divorces. No matter what issues you and your ex have to work through as part of the divorce, we are here to help you protect your interests. We can help you learn about your rights and what options you have to deal with any issues that might come up.


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