Disputes can arise during a divorce


Disputes can arise during a divorce

Wouldn’t it be nice if every divorce could be finalized sooner rather than later? Wouldn’t it be nice if every couple could get along to the point of avoiding disputes?

As good as this sounds, yo know it’s not realistic. You may also know that you are sure to run into some resistance as you move forward with the divorce process.

There are times when a negotiated settlement is possible. But of course, there are also times when you have no choice but to meet your spouse in court.

Some of the most common disputes in divorce arise from the following:

— Child support

— Spousal support

— Custody and access

— Domestic contracts

Sharing debts and the division of property

As you know, you may not face a dispute in regards to all of these issues. For example, if you don’t have any children with the person, you don’t have to concern yourself with matters of child custody and support. Even so, this doesn’t mean you are in the clear as far as spousal support and property division is concerned.

At our law firm, we know that divorce can take a toll as time goes by. This is why we work with you, day in and day out, to put this in the past as soon as possible.

If you have any questions about divorce or if you are concerned about dealing with disputes, feel free to visit our website for more information. This could be the first step in making things better.


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