Family law: Premarital matters to address before the ceremony


Family law: Premarital matters to address before the ceremony

Ontario couples who are having fun planning their weddings may hate the prospect of attending to matters that are much less romantic. However, to avoid bureaucratic problems later, it may be wise to address some legal issues and get them out of the way. Those who have unanswered questions may want to consult with an experienced family law lawyer.

One or both spouses may want to consider a name change. Whether one decides to take on the last name of the other, or whether the couple decides to take on a new name, they must make sure that the marriage license reflects the new names. Furthermore, all personal documents such as passports, driver’s licenses, social security identification and more must be changed by filing the appropriate forms with the clerk of the court.

Couples may want to discuss how they will handle household finances, debts and other money-related matters, such as savings accounts, and decide on joint or separate bank and credit card accounts along with tax matters. Insurance is another issue that may need consideration, including life insurance, disability insurance and health insurance. If changes are made to existing policies, couples must ensure the new names are reflected.

A legal professional can provide valuable advice about the different premarital issues that need to be discussed and can help with the drafting of a prenuptial agreement if that is desired. In addition, though many people choose to avoid considering their own mortality, once they marry, it may not be a bad idea to discuss wills and other estate plans. A seasoned Ontario family law lawyer can deal with all these issues efficiently and also provide guidance for any other concerns.


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