Child Custody: Be proactive to prevent parental child abduction

Thousands of children are abducted in Ontario and elsewhere every year. Many of these incidents involve parents abducting children of whom they do not have child custody. Some people will go to great lengths to take their children away from the custodial parents. One case involved a father who abducted his two toddlers — ages […]
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Child custody: How can the Supervised Access Program help?

Divorced or separated parents in Ontario who are concerned about their safety or the safety of their children during visits with the other parents or at the time of the exchange have the option to use the Supervised Access Program. The court can order the utilization of this program as part of the child custody […]
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Why are grandparents not considered for child custody in Ontario?

The bonds that exist between many grandparents in Ontario and their grandchildren are special. However, under current legislation, the court can sever those ties in the event of the parents divorcing. The same can also happen if both parents die or relinquish their parental rights. A proposed bill to prevent this and have courts consider […]
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Child custody and parenting plans present many challenges

Going through a divorce and having to make various important decisions naturally creates a stressful time. Along with difficult choices related to property division, parents in Ontario will have to deal with matters involving child custody and drawing up parenting plans. This may be a daunting task because so many issues must be considered and […]
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Police battle in court over who should oversee child exchange

When most divorced couples transfer their child from one parent to the other for visitation, the process doesn’t require law enforcement involvement. Sadly, that’s not the case for a sergeant with the Waterloo Regional Police and his ex-wife. The question before the court is which Ontario law enforcement agency should “police” the exchanges of the […]
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Reasons to give child custody mediation a try

Many people are opposed to child custody mediation, as they don’t believe it can do anything for them. Instead, they are on board with the idea that they will end up in court at some point. Before you go down this path, you may want to learn more about the benefits of child custody mediation. […]
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Do you understand sole custody?

If you are going through divorce and you have at least one child with your soon to be former spouse, you probably know that matters of custody and child support will be discussed at some point. The phrase “sole custody” is thrown around often, but not everyone understands what this is. Understanding legal terms and […]
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